Welcome to Catholics for AIDS Prevention & Support

We are a network of catholics in Britain and Ireland promoting HIV prevention and support.

We aim to be a voice in the church for people living with HIV / AIDS and a catholic voice in the world of HIV / AIDS

Our Objectives are

to promote education and prevention, treatment, care and relevant pastoral ministry for all those living with and affected by HIV/AIDS, particularly but not exclusively in the UK and Ireland.

to promote the practical, financial, emotional, spiritual, sacramental and pastoral needs of people living with or affected by HIV/AIDS and to develop appropriate responses.

to promote continuing reflection on all aspects of ethical, theological, and other challenges raised by HIV/AIDs, not least issues of social justice, through publication, seminars, and other relevant means.


Whether you are recently diagnosed or have been living this illness for a long time you have arrived at our webpages. If you have specific questions please get in touch with us. We are willing to listen and help if we are able to do so.

The main ministry of Catholics for AIDS Prevention and Support (CAPS) is supporting a number of Peer Support Groups for People living with HIV.

Faith based groups meet in London, Manchester and Essex – for further information please e-mail us at Information Positive Catholics .

A weekly support group meets in South Wimbledon (not faith based) For further information please email South West London Fellowship.

For further information see Positive Catholics Website

As a community of faith and hope we find strength in listening to each other and been present to others.
God gently invites us to witness to the glory of God through our lives on the margins of the church and of society. Gold holds you gently by the hand.

"This is what the Lord says - Seek me and live” (Amos 5:4) 

"With what gift shall I come into the Lord’s presence and bow down before God on high? Shall I come with burnt offerings, with calves one year old? Will he be pleased with rams by the thousand, with libations of oil in torrents? Must I give my first-born for what I have done wrong, the fruit of my body for my own sin? What is good has been explained to you; this is what the Lord asks of you: only this, to act justly, to love tenderly, and to walk humbly with your God.”(Micah 6:6-8)

Our Patrons

Rt. Hon. Baroness Masham of Ilton

Most Rev. Timothy Radcliffe, OP

The Most Reverend Peter Smith, Archbishop of Southwark

Very Rev. John Kearns CP, UK Passionist Provincial